Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tide Pools

One of the first fun things we did when we moved to California was go to the beach at Half Moon Bay. The next week, about 3 people told me about the tide pools there at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Since then, I have been watching the tide tables for a day when the tide was low during the day on a day with no school. The day after Christmas, despite the fact that at least 2 kids were sick, we headed over the hills and went to the tide pools. We saw some pretty cool creatures and some seals. It had been pouring buckets of rain in San Jose for days but we got a break, with some sunshine (though it was cold and windy! We brought coats!) while we were there. Next time we hope to get to stay longer if we are all healthy and the weather is nicer. Seals at Fitzgerald Marine reserve Seals Tide pool Dad and kids Kids Tide pool

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